Graytown Park
1236 CR 125
United States
-98° -98' 55.692" N 29° 29' 42.5232" W

Graytown Park on the San Antonio River is owned and operated by the San Antonio River Authority. This day-use park provides picnic tables, BBQ grills, open space and river access for fishing or paddling the SASPAMCO Paddling Trail. Park amenities will continue to be added. 

Float Time: 2-8 hours (depending on route taken, time spent on river, water level, flow rate, and wind speed)

Route lengths
River Crossing Park to Helton – San Antonio River Nature Park= 12.1 miles (4-8 hours)
River Crossing Park to Graytown Park = 5.63 miles (2-4 hours)
Graytown Park to Helton – San Antonio River Nature Park= 6.43 miles (2-4 hours)

The paddling trail begins at SARA’s River Crossing Park on the San Antonio River in Bexar County with an additional access point at Graytown Park on the San Antonio River in Wilson County and ends at John William Helton – San Antonio River Nature Park near Calaveras, Texas.

You may be wondering, “What is the origin of the name Saspamco?” Saspamco is a small community in southern Bexar County whose name is an acronym for the the San Antonio Sewer Pipe Manufacturing Company, a company that was the predominant employer in the community until the 1960’s. The company has since closed, but the name has remained.

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Grills/ BBQ Pits/ Fire ring
Picnic Tables
Wildlife Viewing Area
Things To Do: 
Canoeing/ Kayaking
Hiking/ walking
Wildlife Watching