Friedrich Wilderness Park
21395 Milsa
San Antonio,TX,78254
United States
-98° -98' 55.7904" N 29° 29' 9.0383999999999" W


This ecological gem, with over 500 acres, gives park visitors a rare chance to explore a beautifully intact riparian area as well as Tamulipan Thornscrub, also called the South Texas Plains.  Trails lead visitors through a beautiful old growth deciduous forest that hugs the Medina River.  Where else can one view the hunt of a Red-tailed Hawk on an upland trail and within minutes, see a Green Kingfisher buzzing along a Bald Cypress lined river in South Bexar County?  Our 10 miles of trails offer visitors opportunities to hike, bike, fish and walk dogs on a leash, as well as world-class birding.  Medina River Natural Area is home to over 135

species of plants, over 150 species of birds and a diversity of wildlife. Join us every 2nd Saturday of the month to learn about a wide variety of topics from butterflies to stars.   Two additional phases of the Medina Corridor are now complete, with the Chaparral Trail adding 7 more miles to our trail system.  The latest section of the Chaparral Trail is on an easement through the Land Heritage Institute (LHI) property, a unique 1200 acre living land museum of open space on the Medina River.  Come out and see all that Medina River Natural Area has to offer you and your family! 



The camping facility is for group camping only; Scouts, church groups, schools etc.  The primitive camping area consists of 6 tent pads, a small pavilion with 2 picnic tables, a large BBQ pit, potable water, and 2 compost toilets.  There is no electricity at the campsite.  Ground fires are not allowed.  All fires must be in the BBQ pit.  There is no designated trail from the campsite to the river.  Campers are asked to bring their own fire wood and take all trash with them when they leave.  Reservations can be made at any City of San Antonio Community Link Center.








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